The art community where you have oportunity to grow

It all started in 2019 with the pandemic. Everything was closed and many people became depressed. Therefore, we organized offline (in small groups, with precautions) and online meetings for artists. Over time, the community began to grow, we experimented with topics and meeting formats. People were happy.


How that project start

Help for refugee children during the war in Ukraine

When the war began in Ukraine, we managed to create regular classes (3-5 times a week) on the basis of our community in two cities of Poland (Krakow and Rzeszow) to support mothers with children. This was a very important mission, since the refugees were under enormous stress, and for the children it was terrible moral trauma. Therefore, creative activities and support were very important.

Our plans for the near future

We recently held a series of workshops on dance, acting, improvisation and it was very popular. Now we want to unite artists and other creative directions into one large art center.

Camps and Festivals

We created a cool art and music festival in 2023. In 2024 we plan to organize art camps and festivals. If you want to take part or help in the organization, contact us on Instagram.